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Moving Down by the River

We're moving. My wife and I have decided to uproot ourselves and move to the community of Skamokawa, Washington to a small house on the Columbia River. That means that Computer Link NW will not only be moving too, but it will be growing. I have been dedicating about...

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Windows Shortcuts

If I could get rid of my mouse I would. When I'm really getting to work I prefer to keep my hands on the keyboard and not move back and forth to the mouse. However, there are some things that can only be done with a pointing device so I'm stuck with this little rodent...

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Your First Web Site

Four basic steps to creating your first website. Purchase and register a domain name Select a host for your website Create your content Link your domain to your host via a domain name server (DNS) Many first-time web creators will use one company to handle...

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Passwords #@&*@)T%*!

I'm sure you love passwords as much as I do! At last count, I had over 1,500 logins to various websites all requiring a username and password. I'm a strong believer in not using the same password on multiple sites so that is about 1,497 more passwords than I can...

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Domain Names

Picking a good domain name to represent your company is a challenging task. Some companies go with their full name as the domain name, others use abbreviations (i.e. clnw.com), and others come up with an abbreviation or a made up word. Since this domain will not only...

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Do Nothing to Help Struggling Hackers

So you've built the perfect website, people are visiting it and you are actually seeing business pick up as a result. Maybe your thinking, "What else can I do with my website to help out others?" The simplest way to help out struggling hackers, an underrated...

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Computer Safety Best Practices

Computer Security An associate recently had his car broken into and his company laptop was among the items stolen. Luckily this was an older laptop and not a brand new purchase, however, the cost to his company is significant, including the effort to acquire a new...

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Coming Soon

I'm going to be working hard to document some of what I know and am learning on a regular basis. Please be patient as I build up my blog.

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