Now Open in Longview

Our new location is now open in Longview , Washington. The address is 1318 Commerce Avenue.

We are open 11 am to 4 pm Tuesday – Friday.

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Sometimes you just need help finding your way. Technology provides a myriad of choices, make sure you bring along an expert to help make he best decisions.



We can provide fast, secure, and reliable website hosting for your business, organization or personal blog.


At Computer Link Northwest, we understand the importance of online security. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of security services to help you protect your devices and your data including Malware Protection, Anti-Virus Tools, and Data Recovery.


In the digital age, a reliable computer and mobile device is essential for everything from work and school to communication and entertainment. When your tech troubles you, you need a computer repair service that you can trust. That’s where Computer Link Northwest comes in.

Computer Maintenance

Keeping your PC or Laptop up to date with the latest anti-virus, malware, software patches, and other programs can be a daunting task. We can do this for you, putting your device on our maintenance plan and handling all the updates remotely for you. Your privacy is our top priority and our experience keeping devices running in tip-top shape will give you peace of mind whether your computer is mission critical or your primary entertainment device. Prices start at $3 per PC per month.

Networking and Wifi

Connecting devices to each other and the internet is critical in our connected world. Whether you are trying to connect your new cloud doorbell, office printer, laptop, or smart TV we can help. We can provide a variety of wired and wireless solutions to make your home or office “connected”. We have set up wireless networks for warehouses, offices, RV parks, homes, churches, and small communities. We can fix your connection problems.

Computer Repair

Computer Running on Fumes? Get it Revived at Computer Link Northwest!

Is your computer running slower than a snail on Valium? Does the Blue Screen of Death haunt your dreams? Fear not, beleaguered tech warrior! The valiant knights of Computer Link Northwest are here to vanquish your digital demons and restore your device to its former glory.

We fix it all, from the mundane to the magnificent:

    • Virus removal
    • Hardware repair
    • Software support
    • Data recovery
    • Upgrades and optimization

Why choose Computer Link Northwest?

    • Expertise you can trust
    • Affordable rates
    • Fast turnaround times
    • Customer service that rocks

Don’t suffer through another minute of tech torture! Bring your ailing computer to Computer Link Northwest and let us breathe new life into it.

Website Design & Hosting

As a web developer, I have all the tools necessary to create your one-of-a-kind website. Starting with the most popular web content management system (WordPress) and overlaying the most progressive template (DIVI) creates a foundation where we can work together to develop your unique look. If you have a designer we can work together to incorporate the look of your printed material into your website or if you have a design eye you can design your site with easy to use tools.

Your website is useless if it isn’t running. I’ve partnered with one of the premier web hosting services to provide fast, scalable, hosting. Our data center is centrally located and provides fast connections and minimal downtime. Our managed virtual private server (VPS) will provide you with the power of a dedicated server and the flexibility of cloud hosting.

Don’t get zapped!

How to Find a Trustworthy Computer Repair Technician Let's face it: computers are complicated. When yours goes on the fritz, it can be stressful and leave you feeling vulnerable....

Computer Link Longview

Exciting news! Computer Link Northwest is expanding and bringing our tech expertise to Longview, Washington! We're thrilled to announce our new location at 1318 Commerce Avenue,...

Outdoor Access Points

Get Wi-Fi where you need it! Do you lack WiFi coverage on your property or out buildings? At Computer Link Northwest, we specialize in creating a Wi-Fi network for YOUR property...

Malware and Antivirus Protection

Unfortunately, we live in a world filled with malicious individuals who seek to exploit us. Our computers and devices are not exempt from these threats, and as we increasingly...




Backup Security

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Steve Carson

Steve Carson



I was born in Astoria, Oregon when tech was a touch-tone phone and a 19″ color television. I grew up, got married, and got my first computer in the early 90’s. We started a family (3 boys) and the internet came along in the form of a dial-up modem and AOL disks sent on what seemed like a daily basis. My career path led me from being a children’s camp director, to a 911 dispatcher, to a software specialist, to small business owner and full-time computer systems manager. When I get a chance to get away from a keyboard, I enjoy playing disc golf, driving fast, camping with my wife, and watching movies.


We have a great team with a variety of experience and skills. We’ll team you up with the right person to help you with your problem to get the best results possible.



Ed, Steve, and Julia are all extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They helped us resolve an issue caused by scammers. Everyone at Computer Link Northwest wanted to make sure that my mother-in-law’s computer was safe and ready for her to use again. Thank you so much for all of your help

T&D Maxwell

I have used Computer Linik NW several times. Once I had malware and the other times I just needed help to figure out how to do something with my computer. Each time the outcome was great. They removed the malware and taught me how to correctly use my computer. They are a great computer service.

R Cross

Google Review, Cathlamet

The request was courteously received by the office and a date and time were established for the requested assistance. At the agreed upon time a representative was at my home to provide the requested assistance. The representative was competent and quickly solved the problems. This level of service in a small town is rare and greatly appreciated.

R Kimmel

Google Review, Puget Island

Wonderful work they fixed our desktop and two laptops, all run like new again. Very knowledgeable kind people. Would definitely recommend and will go back if I have another tech issue.

C. Dietrich

Google Review

We needed the internet asap to be able to use our wifi calling on our cell phones to make medical appointments for my husband who was recently critically injured at work. Julia was very friendly in understanding our situation and did everything and then some in her power to get us quickly set up and went out of her way to help us apply for a grant that would help us pay for the internet set up, equipment, and internet bill. Steve was at our house the next day to install the equipment and to get everything up and running quickly. He also brought us a laptop that was gifted to us through the grant and helped me set it up. I truely appreciate all this company has personally done to make sure we had everything we needed in such a hard time in our lives.

A gibson

Google Review, Skamokawa

Cathlamet Office

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