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For over 20 years Computer Link NW has helped small businesses get the most from their computer investment.


Sometimes you just need help finding your way. Technology provides a myriad of choices, make sure you bring along an expert to help make he best decisions.


Custom web development or modifying existing platforms like WordPress, Opencart or Dokuwiki can be accomplished using basic programming techniques.


We can provide fast and reliable hosting for your web services at a reasonable price.


Computer Link NW monitors your site to check for needed updates and performance issues which might indicate a problem.maintenance services which will watch your site for issues and take the steps necessary to backup your site so it can be recovered in case disaster strikes. Read more…


Your website is useless if it isn’t running. I’ve partnered with one of the premier web hosting services to provide fast, scalable, hosting. Our data center is located in Arizona and provides fast connections and minimal downtime. Our managed virtual private server (VPS) will provide you with the power of a dedicated server and the flexibility of cloud hosting.

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Technology changes at seemingly the speed of light. I’ve been following the trends for over 20 years and enjoy keeping up with the latest trends. While I have a few specialties I like to think of myself as a technology generalist keeping a broad understanding of all of the current technologies. Before you invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in a solution, consider getting some expert advice from someone that knows the questions to ask and has insight into a variety of solutions.


Your web presence is critical to your business sales process. If your site looks like it was made in the 80’s, 90’s or even the 2000’s it may be time for a refresh. Likewise, if your site is broke, has been infected by malware, is slow loading, or doesn’t look good on a mobile device you need to work with a professional that can provide a solution. I prefer to work with tried and true web development tools, but I’m not afraid to custom program a solution for your specific needs.




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Steve Carson


I was born in Astoria, Oregon when tech was a touch-tone phone and a 19″ color television. I grew up, got married, and got my first computer in the early 90’s. We started a family (3 boys) and the internet came along in the form of a dial-up modem and AOL disks sent on what seemed like a daily basis. My career path led me from being a children’s camp director, to a 911 dispatcher, to a software specialist, to small business owner and full-time computer systems manager. When I get a chance to get away from a keyboard, I enjoy playing disc golf, driving fast, camping with my wife in our small trailer and watching movies.



Steve’s command of technical information for the efficient running of computer systems is without question. What truly sets him apart is his character and manner in which he approaches his work. Thoroughly enjoyable, and always a servant, he is a pleasure to work with.

Alan Hamilton

Executive Director, Clark County Food Bank

When I was on staff at Compass Church, Steve took care of all our technology issues… man, I thought I was a geek! There wasn’t an issue or a problem that Steve didn’t have some kind of solution for, often in the form of a small obscure gadget.
All that to say, Steve knows his stuff, and if I were a bit closer geographically, I’d be beating down his door to get his help on all manner of projects.

Jason Ackerman

Director of Technology, MillerSmith

Steve’s leadership in technology was instrumental towards Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency providing service to the citizens of Clark County and for the regional members made up of police, fire, and EMS agencies.

Thera Bradshaw

Consultant, State and Local Government


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