Are You Protected?

Unfortunately, we live in a world filled with malicious individuals who seek to exploit us. Our computers and devices are not exempt from these threats, and as we increasingly depend on our devices for work, finances, personal connections, and recreation, safeguarding them becomes more crucial than ever.

Computer Link NW presents two exceptional protection products that ensure your computer’s security. For just $39 per year, Malwarebytes offers comprehensive malware protection. On the other hand, Avast Business provides not only top-notch security at a cost of $24 per year, but also the invaluable feature of remote computer assistance. Additionally, Avast offers several add-ons, including Content Filtering and Backup services, designed to further enhance your protection, albeit at an extra charge. For households with multiple devices, Malwarebytes conveniently offers a $10 per year add-on.

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Say hello to smarter, safer protection for all your family’s devices (computers, phones or tablets). Specifically designed to catch malware, our threat intelligence & proven technology let you rest easy, knowing that we’re finding and crushing threats that traditional antivirus software missed. The best part, we do it all without hogging your system’s resources or spamming you with annoying notifications. Finally, cybersecurity smart enough for your digital life.

Cyberthreats are already complicated, and the last thing businesses need is cybersecurity that’s complicated too. Our easy-to-use business antivirus solutions provide strong protection against a wide variety of cybersecurity threats so that you can worry less and focus more on your business.

In the continuously changing landscape of new cyberthreats every day, choosing the right antivirus software for your business is more crucial than ever. Malwarebytes and McAfee are two antivirus with their own set of unique features and capabilities designed to keep your business safe. But which one is the right fit for your organization?

Malwarebytes and McAfee have been in the game for years, offering robust security solutions that go beyond simple virus scanning. From real-time threat detection to advanced firewall settings, both software options promise to deliver top-notch security. But the devil lies in the details and that’s where this comparison will come in handy. Read on to discover the nuances that set these two apart and find out which one aligns best with your business needs.