Don’t throw out that old PC, there is often good life left in that PC you bought a couple years ago that seems to be slowing down. Clearning out unused programs, updating to the latest version of software and checking on overzealous antivirus programs can often restore that PC to life. You can also restore the operating system or move to a faster operating system on older PC and save money.

  • Hourly Shop Rate $125/hr
  • Basic Diagnostic Quick Tune Up $100
  • Restore Operating System $150
  • Backup/Recover Data $200
  • Upgrade Hard Drive $125 plus hardware
  • Virus/Malware recovery $175

All Rates are for in office work. In home or business charge of $50 plus a minimum one hour charge for work done.

Your network is the lifeline for your computers, servers, internet devices and televisions. Often “the internet” isn’t to blame for your poor streaming or slow downloads. An on-site diagnosis and configuration can make sure you are getting the most out of your internet connection.

  • Remote diagnosis $100
  • On site consultation $150
  • Site Security Audit $250

Hardware Price List

  • Basic Wifi Router $50
  • Advanced Wifi Router $100
  • Mesh Wifi System $150
  • Microwave Network Link $150

Your business server and network is critical to your business. Make sure your network and systems are secure and reliable. An hour of down time in an office costs you on employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Call today for an audit of your technology. An ounce of prevention can save you a pound of headache down the road!

  • Basic System Audit $250
  • Hourly Shop Rate $125/hr
  • Server/Business Network Rate $175/hr
  • Off-Site Data Backup – Starting $50/month

Your website is critical for your customers to find your business and connect with you. Make sure your web presence is reliable, professional and available for your customers and vendors.