Well another new year is upon us and with it new challenges, new friendships, new technology, and of course new projects. I for one am excited to see what the new year will bring. Personally, I’m really enjoying my new opportunities to help clients with new websites and updates to existing sites. Many of my clients are getting tired of their current website design and want to make sure their sites are secure. A few are aware of a new version of WordPress that is available and wonder if it is time to upgrade their installation to take advantage of the new features.

Should you upgrade to WordPress 5?

The answer to that question is a positive maybe! I’ve updated about half of the sites I work with on a regular basis and I’ve only seen a few minor problems with compatibility. Most of the plugin developers are ready for the new version, but some older plugins may have problems. Ultimately it comes down to two questions: Will your theme work with the new Gutenberg editor, and two will your plugins play nicely with the new WordPress core, including Gutenberg. Upgrading can be done two ways, ‘click and see’ or ‘research, test, and deploy’. Obviously, I recommend the second method, but I’ve actually seen several sites that worked fine with the ‘click and see’ method. Of course, the danger of ‘click and see’ is that if there is a problem you could end up spending significant resources to recover your site if there are problems.

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