We’re moving. My wife and I have decided to uproot ourselves and move to the community of Skamokawa, Washington to a small house on the Columbia River. That means that Computer Link NW will not only be moving too, but it will be growing. I have been dedicating about 10 hours a week to Computer Link but starting in May I will have 40+ hours a week to commit to providing services for my clients. I’m excited to expand my clientele as well as dive into some bigger projects in the coming months. If you’ve been considering a project now is the time to give me a call and get on the calendar. We are excited for the change of pace a small town will bring and love the fact that we are just over an hour from our old community, close enough to maintain relationships and continue working for our existing clients.

Part of the move includes Computer Link Northwest expanding to provide internet services to our new community. This is a new field for me, but I have found a great team of people to work with and a huge need for this service. Check out my sister website for this service at skamokawa.net