I’m sure you love passwords as much as I do! At last count, I had over 1,500 logins to various websites all requiring a username and password. I’m a strong believer in not using the same password on multiple sites so that is about 1,497 more passwords than I can remember on a regular basis. With the number of data breaches in the news having a secure password is no joke. Add to the challenge of having good passwords the fact that short passwords can be brute force hacked in just a few minutes and it get’s even harder.

The key is to use a good password manager to remember your unique and long passwords. The following cartoon shows just how important it is to use long passwords, more important than trying to create a complex password.

XKCD Comic

So you may be wondering, how does he do it? Well for me personally I use Lastpass. I also use two-factor authentication with my login on Lastpass, so even if you had my login and password, you still couldn’t access my passwords, unless you also had my authenticator application. For those of you unfamiliar with two-factor authentication (2FA), the second factor changes every 30 seconds so it does no good to capture the authentication number either.

Features I love about LastPass…

  • Easy to use
  • Automatically enters my username and password on most websites
  • Synchronizes with my phone app
  • I can share specific passwords with other users
  • Very inexpensive. $12 per year
  • Incredibly secure
  • Allows two-factor authentication
  • Does a security scan on all your passwords and sites
  • Will import all your passwords from your browsers and delete them

Click here to get a free month of LastPass Premium

[UPDATE: 6/28/17] LastPass is now FREE on all devices. You no longer need a premium subscription to enjoy this great feature. Read more…